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05 Sessions that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!

Session 1 | Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

This is a comprehensive review of your medications and supplements, we also review program information, set goals and expectations, and enroll you into the class

What you get:
• Medication & supplement review
• Body Mass Index (BMI) Check
• Blood glucose check
• Foot exam

Session 2 | On The Road To Better Managing Your Diabetes

During a Conversation Map session, a trained facilitator leads participants through a discussion about a Diabetes with the ultimate goal of driving positive behavior change. A colorful visual display, activity cards, and a facilitator guide are the primary components of this education tool.

Session 3 | Nutrition class group session

Our Nutrition class focuses on:
• The relationship between blood glucose & food
• Feelings about food and eating
• The nutrients that make up food
• How what you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat can affect your blood glucose
• Meal planning and other
• The importance of having a plan for eating and engaging your support network and healthcare team

Session 4 | Pairing with personal wellness coach  

Our wellness coach will help you:
• Gain ownership of your wellness
• Achieve your full potential
• Know how to make choices to improve your health and wellbeing
• Awareness of the power of choice

Session 5 | Weekly follow-up with coach, monthly checkup at pharmacy  

What you get:
• Plan development
• Plan management
• Check-ins with wellness coach
• BMI check
• Blood glucose check
• Foot exam
• Comprehensive medication review
• Follow-up with your primary care physician

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Patient Literacy: Patient Literacy Research indicates that low health literacy is associated with poor diabetes outcomes as well as poor self-care behaviors
In fact, 47% of patients with limited health literacy reported diabetes complications compared to 32% of patients  with adequate health literacy

Nonadherence: Depending on the conditions and the complexity of the regimens required as many as 40% of patients fail to adhere to treatment recommendations
When treatment regimens are very complex and/or require lifestyle changes and the modification of existing habits, nonadherence can be as high as 70%

Changing Nature of Conditions:
 In 1900, infectious disease were in the leading cause of death worldwide. By 2010, chronic conditions accounted for approximately 70% of all deaths  Whereas acute conditions only account for 30%

Growth of Chronic Conditions:
By 2020, an estimated 157 Million Americans [or almost half of the population] will have one or more chronic conditions and account for
84% of health spending