Free Delivery & Pickup

We pickup up and deliver your medication to you free of charge.
this service is especially important for busy professionals and patients that are not easily mobile

Natural Products  & Organic Living

We carry a wide range of natural and organic products.
Our pharmacist will help you understand how your conventional medicines will work with natural products and supplements

Wellness Classes

We conduct frequent free onsite and offsite wellness classes for diabetes care, hypertension, weight management e.t.c 

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

We help improve patient adherence and utilization of medications,
Reduced drug duplication, harmful side effects, or interactions between medications, vitamins, and supplements.
This also helps achieve cost savings for both patients and providers,

Medication Synchronization

All your prescriptions are synchronized to be refilled on the exact same day of the month, eliminating the need for separate call-ins and pick-ups. This saves time money in improves compliance .

Immunizations and Flu Shots 

We conduct in pharmacy and onsite flu shot clinics for work places and offsite facilities.