Meds-to-Beds is a bedside service offered by connected health pharmacy to local hospitals to enhance the patient’s discharge process. Our Pharmacy staff will deliver discharge prescriptions directly to the patient prior to leaving the hospital room at no additional cost. Designed with our patients’ health in mind, this program conveniently eliminates the need for a
stop at the pharmacy on the way home. The pharmacist will process your prescriptions and discuss your medications with you prior to your discharge.
Meds-to-Beds and
Home Delivery Benefits
  • One less step for family members to worry about, letting them focus on patient care
  • Allows the patient to concentrate on recovery
  • The pharmacy can work with providers on
  • medications not covered by your insurance
  • Increased patient compliance and adherence to drug regimen
  • Individualized medication counseling
  • Family and caregivers can be involved in counseling process in hospital room
  • Eliminates the need for stopping at
  • a pharmacy 
  • Reduces wait times
  • Added privacy