Need for an Employee Wellness Program

An Employee Wellness Program is an organized program that assists employees to voluntarily make choices that improve health and productivity. Workplace wellness programs focused on prevention and intervention benefit employees and employers by reducing employees’ health risk factors to include:

  • Using tobacco products
  • Being overweight
  • Poor nutrition
  • Lack of exercise
  • Complications from health conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

While unhealthy behavior can greatly affect an individual’s health, it can also be expensive for an employer. Indirect costs associated with employees’ unhealthy lifestyles include:

  • Decreased productivity
  • Training of new staff due to the disability of current staff to perform the job duties
  • Work related injuries
  • Excessive sick leave usage

According to a study by Harvard University, medical costs fall about $3.27 for every dollar spent on well programs, and absentee costs fall by about $2.37 for every dollar spent. For YOUR COMPANY some of the costs may be indirect in that your medical costs savings will not always be direct savings to your business. Also, healthier workers might be more productive and miss fewer days of work. Other potential benefits to an Employee Wellness Program include Reduced Stress, and improved morale.


Vision Statement

Connected Healthcare is dedicated to building a healthy community and Workforce from Hire to Retire through the implementation of Education and Programs that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Goal – Decrease dependency on tobacco products by offering programs on smoking cessation at least quarterly.

Objective – Decrease dependency on tobacco by staff by 10% within 12 months of program implementation.

  1. Goal – Educate employees about the importance of maintaining a proper weight and maintaining a healthy diet through programs and initiatives.

Objective – To have 20 employees reduce their BMI by one level within 6 months of program implementation.

  1. Goal - Educate employees about the importance of exercise.

Objective – hosting quarterly programs to motivate employees to exercise more. With a goal to get participants to collectively lose 200 pounds


  1. Goal – Educate employees about the seriousness of chronic health conditions to include heart disease, diabetes.

Objective – Host chronic disease workshops quarterly

  1. Goal – reduce sick days due to flu

Objective – Host inhouse flu clinic pre-flu season

Timelines for Program Implementation

  • Sign contract
  • Assign Designated employee representative (Employee wellness coordinator)
  • Customize program material
  • Setup account in my wellness portal

Roles and Responsibilities

Employee Wellness Coordinator leads the efforts of a cultural change to establish the business as a model of health and wellness. The Coordinator models wellness and assesses the effectiveness of the company’s employee wellness programs to contribute to the body of knowledge in the health education/wellness disciplines by tracking the measurable impacts on the health of the company’s workforce.

Internal Volunteers – Internal volunteers will assist in logistics, classes and program facilitation.

Marketing Strategies

Connected Health will educate the workplace community about wellness and the various wellness related programs available to the workforce by presenting wellness program information using a variety of media, coordinating an annual health and wellness fair and making educational presentations to management and work units on a periodic basis. Connected Health will encourage participation of employees in the Employee Wellness Program by developing and marketing incentive programs.

Setup cost




Cost Per Employee




Call for details


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Evaluation Procedures

The Wellness Center staff will track and communicate the effectiveness of the Employee Wellness Program over time by developing performance measures by tracking and reporting on that data.

Summary of Proposal

The above information is a brief outline of the importance of an Employee Wellness Program. We will be able to develop and implement this program with a minimal budget using a variety of resources mentioned above. We believe this program can help with recruitment, employee morale, retention and can lower costs associated with sick leave, lower workers compensation costs and chronic illness issues for employees. We look forward to developing and managing this program.